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Let's have our cards finished, everyone, so we can have a run through after recess on Tuesday. 
Start writing your cards where you know what will be said...
This means the introductions, definition, beginning of responses and so on.

You know that theses do not change and so you can be pre-prepared.

"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen and Mr. Chairman. The topic for tonight's debate is..... . We, the affirmative team believe that this is true. We wish to define the topic as meaning..... "

All of these sections are in your booklet and should her used every time. Be prepared early 
Is the skill of handwriting on the outer? What do you think?
Have a look at these sites and see how your arguments can develop:
Rebuttal - Let's Practice!
The hardest thing to do in our debaters is to rebut the opposition's points - but we can practice to grow in confidence and get better at it... let's try these:

(Remember, our response has to be very quick indeed and brief. Address the point and then shoot it down. I have placed girl or boy as the speaker because you might like to use SHE or HE in the response - it is really effective to make the response personal - don't just use 'they' or 'the opposition' )

Every student should learn a musical instrument because it is fun and enjoyable. 
(1st Affirm boy)
The 1st affirmative speaker told us that learning a musical instrument is fun and enjoyable. We disagree because the stress caused from learning new skills and pieces is not fun at all and certainly not enjoyable.
(The first sentence is addressing the point and the second sentence is shooting it down)

Our PE program has so many different sports in it that we just don't have time to include dance. 
(1st Negative girl)
Response: The 1st Negative speaker told us that there was not enough time to include dance in the PE program. We believe this is wrong because if you believe the activity is important enough, as we believe dance is, then you can make time in the program.(The first sentence identified the point made and the second sentence made an answering statement - argument shot down again!)

Have a look at these points and see if you can make a response to them:
1. Learning a musical instrument can make you smarter. (2nd Affirm girl)
2. Dance is only for girls to learn. (1st Neg girl)
3. Everyone enjoys the challenge of learning a harder musical piece. (1st Affirm boy)
4. Dance is just as important as running, throwing and catching. (2nd Affirm boy)

Can you make a statement which will shoot these down?
Debating Teams for Round 3
Year 5 Blue Room 5 6:40 That school students should wear a uniform
NEGATIVE Timekeeper: Hannah
Speaker 1. Tom L.
Speaker 2. Mark T.
Speaker 3. Philippa

Year 5 White. Room 7 6:40 That school students should wear a uniform
AFFIRMATIVE Chairman: Angus P.
Speaker 1. James
Speaker 2. Jordan
Speaker 3. Mark D.

Year 6/7 Blue Room 9 7:30 That handwriting is an outdated skill
NEGATIVE Timekeeper: Nethli    

Speaker 1. Nashrah
Speaker 2. Bonnie
Speaker 3. James

Year 6/7 White Room 7 7:30 That handwriting is an outdated skill

AFFIRMATIVE Chairman: Anna
Speaker 1. William
Speaker 2. Tom
Speaker 3. Maddie (Sally off)

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