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We need lots of arguments with our final topic. We are arguing that Father Christmas DOES NOT have a harder job than Easter Bunny.
Please comment with ideas which we could consider in our debate.

Who has the harder job? Why? What makes the job so hard?

Our final topic for BOTH TEAMS is....
"That Father Christmas has a harder job than Easter Bunny"

Amazingly, all teams are NEGATIVE for this debate. We all get the last word!

White PB 6:40 Room 4    Timekeeper: James T.
Speaker 1: Angus P.
Speaker 2:  Jordan L.
Speaker 3: Mark D.

Blue PB  6:40 Room 7   Timekeeper:
Speaker 1: Madi
Speaker 2: Tom
Speaker 3: Pippa

White PA 6:40 Room 3  Timekeeper: Tom
Speaker 1: Madds
Speaker 2: Sally
Speaker 3: Anna

Blue PA 6:40 Room 9  Timekeeper:
Speaker 1: Bonnie
Speaker 2: James
Speaker 3: Nethli

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