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Our 2012 interschool debating season has come to a close with four outstanding debates on Tuesday evening. The challenging topic, "That Father Christmas has a harder job than Easter Bunny", provided students the opportunity to use imagination and their developing expertise to argue against a guy they really do like and admire?

During the Term 2 and Term 3 season GOPS has been represented by 18 students from Years 5 to 7. These debaters made up four teams, two in the Year 5 division and two in the Year 6/7 division. Five debating evenings have been spread about three to four weeks apart. This has allowed the debaters to discuss and work up their topics and practise their arguments and delivery. Tuesday nights have seen the teams gather at Pulteney Grammar school in the city to challenge opponents from Mercedes College, Westminster School, St. Aloysius College, Rostrevor College, Stirling East Primary, Belair Primary, Uraidla Primary and Colonel Light Gardens Primary. 

All teams experienced success in their debates with, overall, our teams winning many tight contests. The adjudicator in each debate presented a "Speaker of the Debate" award and the following students achieved an award at some time during the season:

Congratulations to our parents and families who supported the season by getting their debaters to the venue on time and looking smart (even on Crazy Hair round!). A big thank you, as well, to the staff who supported the students on the nights. 

Finally, to the students involved, we say well done and congratulations for your commitment to achieving the best you possibly could achieve. 
Year 5 Blue Team: Tom L., Pippa, Madi, Mark T., Hannah
Year 5 White Team: Angus, Jordan, James T., Mark D.,
Year 6/7 Blue Team: Nethli, Nashrah, Bonnie, James B.
Year 6/7 White Team: Anna, Sally, Tom W. Madds, William
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